WyMI (Windows 7/8/2008)

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WyMI (Windows Vista/7/8/2008)


WyMI is a computer auditing tool that uses WMI to provide an easy ability to search and retrieve important information about your system.

No installation is required.

WyMI can report on:

  • Battery
  • BIOS
  • Computer
  • Desktops
  • Environment Variables
  • Logical Drives
  • Motherboard
  • Network Adapters
  • Network Computers
  • Operating System
  • Physical Drives
  • Physical Memory
  • Print Jobs
  • Printers
  • Processes
  • Processor
  • Programs
  • Routing Table
  • Services
  • Shares
  • Timezone
  • User Accounts
  • Video

WyMI requires no installation and no special configuration. Data is captured and refreshed at specified intervals. This can be stopped and a snapshot exported to CSV or HTML that wil be automatically opened in the default program (usually Excel or your default browser).

WyMI superceded NetMonitor and PrintMonitor that were released recently and includes their functionality.

WyMI 1.0 - 4th December 2011
WyMI 2.0 - January 2012
WyMI 2.1 - 21st January 2013

Download this file (WyMI.exe)WyMI.exe148 kB2013-01-21