Upgrade in Progress

I would like to thank everyone who has discovered my site, software and services in the last 19 years since first inception!

This is not a goodbye message but a welcome to a revitalised www.chris.dunn.name and to a lot of new users, members and visitors. 

This site is currently undergoing a major transformation making it easier for you to find and download great software, get great insights into IT, administration and system monitoring and to provide additional value to my members.

I apologise for any inconvenience as I work through reviewing and updating my software catalogue and thank you for your patience. If you can't find what you are looking for or I could make it easier for you - Let me know!!



Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all visitors to www.chrisdunn.name!

As a special thank you to my valued customers and a new years present I have dropped the prices of Print Queue Manager (was $14.95 now $9.95) and Lookup (was $14.95 now $4.95).

I have also begun distributing more of my applications through the Association of Software Professionals and Download.com.

Keep your eyes out for some great reviews and more opinion columns coming soon.


New Issue Tracker

www.chrisdunn.name now includes a new support module for members.

To improve the service I offer my customers and to provide better visibility over software issues and enhancements I now have an online issue tracking tool.

Ask a question, make a suggestion or flag a problem. I am listening.

After login as a member a new support section will appear in the menus allowing you to: 

  • Review all issues raised for my products by any users
  • Review all issues you have created for my products
  • Create an issue with a suggestion, defect, enhancement or question you have
  • Access all user guides for my products

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The Pool Clinic has moved!

The Pool Clinic is moving. After being hosted as part of this website for many years this site is moving to WordPress.

You can still view the old site at: www.chrisdunn.name/poolclinic/ 

You can check out the new site at: www.poolclinic.com.au OR poolclinic.wordpress.com


Pin this site to your Windows 8.1 start screen

Now you can pin this website to your Windows 8.1 start screen using Internet Explorer 11 to get the latest news displayed automatically every time you go to your start screen.

Get the latest updates without needing to check out my site regularly and with one click you can jump to my site to find out more.

New Twitter Feed

Now you can follow the latest News from www.chrisdunn.name on Twitter!!


It's new and blue

Welcome to my new site. It's blue, new and built for you.

The new www.chrisdunn.name is now live and provides access to all my software and news on all device types. 

The old site (right) has now been replaced by my new, improved site and my former mobile site has now been disabled. Upgrades to the shop and new features for members will be coming soon. 

There have been some minor changes to links for various pages and services. Apologies for anyone who has discovered any problems or issues and these are being resolved in real time with all failed links automatically reported so these can be repaired rapidly. Thank you to all my visitors in the last 48 hours who have already identified a number of these.

I hope you love the new look and the new menus allow you to find what you are looking for faster and easier than ever before. As always I love hearing feedback from my visitors so email me or add a comment if you have any suggestions or issues.



A site for the future

As my website celebrates 16 years of being online in 2013 it is time again for a change. As the technology that supports my site nears the end of life I am currently in the process of standardising my site in preparation of an upgrade to a new dynamic website with built in support for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

You may have already noticed a number of changes including improved URLs and Search Engine Optimisation, cleaner pages, new download sections, the removal of the download mirror and much much more.

Some of these items such as my download mirror have been in operation with only interface updates and unchanged URLs for nearly 10 years so making these kind of changes is a BIG deal and requires a lot of work to ensure my faithful software users and affiliates can still find me and my software online. All of these changes are designed to ensure the next upgrade will be seamless so you can still find your favourite articles and software in the new improved format.

Over the coming weeks some features may go (sorry, this will mainly affect members) in preparation for the upgrade which will result in a totally overhauled new site with heaps of brand new exciting features (especially for members). It will all be worth it and I apologise for any inconvenience as these changes occur. As always contact me with any problems or suggestions.


New email, same .name

As part of the ongoing upgrades to my site and the changes to my new www.chrisdunn.name I have now updated and migrated my email to Outlook.com.

This means I have a new This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address to match my new website address. All my existing email addresses will still work although I will phase these out slowly over time. As always, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding my software let me know as I am always happy to help.

I Know IT Cloud Fujitsu Case Study

I Know ITFujitsuIn late 2012 I was the solution architect responsible for designing and delivering I Know IT's leading edge data centre solution based on the latest Fujitsu equipment.

Based on the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX90 storage systems and PRIMERGY RX200 servers, I Know IT can now provide the latest in cloud based services for their managed services customers. With redundancy built in at the hardware and software layers and the ability to scale as their business grows I Know IT can now help more customers move their business to the cloud while ensuring security and sovereignty over their data in PacNet's state of the art tier 3 data centre in central Sydney.

I Know IT customers now have the benefits of highly resilient and reliable infrastructure in one of Sydney's leading datacentre's managed by VMWare vSphere providing the latest hosted email services courtesy of Microsoft Exchange 2013 and always available Citrix client desktops.

Put simply in the words of James Vickery, CEO of I Know IT, "It works.".

Congratulations to the hard work and great result for the team at I Know IT and Fujitsu Australia.

To find out more check out the case study on Fujitsu's global website and learn how Fujitsu's scalable cloud infrastructure is helping I Know IT support their managed services expertise.

Download this file (cs-pg-i-know-it.pdf)cs-pg-i-know-it.pdf255 kB2013-02-22