Water Testing

TestWater accurately uses the Langelier scale to determine waterbalance. In addition test rules allowed pool professionals to customise recommendations, reports and analysis to suit specific requirements for their customers.

TestWater (Windows)

It's time for a new look at water testing.


TestWater is a brand new application built to analyse test results based on rules to provide detailed recommendations and a customised report.

 I have been testing water for nearly 20 years and 3 generations of my family have been testing water now for over 70 years. The one lesson we have learnt is that while the Langelier Saturation Index is the most accurate way to determine if water is balanced no single recommendation or program can accurately tell you what to do if it isn't. The best people to do that are the people who know your pool and your environment, they are your local poolshop. I also know how companies can use LSI to sell you products you don't need. TestWater was designed to solve that problem by providing a way for customers to compare advice from local poolshops and ensure your water is tested by the people you trust, all from the comfort of your own home. - Christian Dunn

My previous testing application, WaterTest, has been very successful but it's limitation was that it was developed with rules set by me. While suitable these were not flexible for other regions or climates and while it did calculate LSI it did not calculate it more accurately than 1 decimal place. There are also more factors your pool technician takes into account when testing your water than just the water results. These attributes such as the look of the water can have a large impact on the recommendations provided.

The problem with all water test applications is they fail in a range of cases due to technical imprecision or qualification problems.

The biggest fault with testing is qualification and this is where TestWater begins. We have our results, but what questions do you ask the customer to ensure you offer the best advice?
Is it hot this week? do they have a salt chlorinator? is the pool green? Each of these questions actually has an impact on the recommendations for treating a swimming pool. What are the recommendations for the water in your area? Does the tap water affect pH or TDS?

The aim of TestWater is to take your water test results and apply the appropriate criteria and qualifications to give you the same quality of recommendation you would get in a pool shop.

Due to the flexibility of rules we believe this program should be able to be applied to testing any water source as long as suitable rules are created. The tests may be the same as other applications, but by taking into account more variables, and by allowing professionals worldwide to customise testing rules based on their region and experience TestWater provides a more powerful platform for water testing using rules to analyse your criteria and return a report tailored to your requirements. 

FREE for Personal Use

Testing water is free and easy with TestWater. 

Simply update your personal details, configure your email, choose appropriate rules from a local poolshop and start testing.

Each test can be saved to your own personal database for review and when test reports highlight problems or you require further assistance you can email your report directly to your poolshop for review.

Each test performs an analysis using the Langelier Saturation Index to provide the most accurate indication of correct water balance.

Detailed documentation is available and TestWater automatically checks for updates each time you use it

Advanced features for Professionals

TestWater allows you to create your own tailored testing criteria that provides customised information to your customers. 

  • Brand and design your test report to be unique to your business
  • Provide tailored advice based on the options selected
  • Provide a new way for customers to interact with your business
  • Recommend chemicals or purchases based on customer test results
  • Record all tests performed in your business in our database for future review

TestWater is not produced by a chemical supplier, distributor or swimming pool organisation and does not recommend brands, products or dosages. TestWater only provides an accurate test based on the Langelier Saturation Index and the data provided and generates a report, the rest is up to you.

Rules for reporting on different water types, scenarios, sizes or locations can be created and TestWater reports can be saved in HTML, printed or emailed to yourself or a customer.

In addition to the features available for personal users, professionals can utilise the advanced functionality for rule editoring, ordering and application configuration to tailor TestWater to their business.

  • As a Creator you can create rules to use within your business to test water.
  • As a Publisher you can create rules that your customers can use to test water.

Whether you deal with water heaters, water towers, cooling tanks, swimming pools, spas or fountains TestWater can be configured to suit your water. The basic program comes with editable sample rules for a swimming pool. The flexibility of rules means that TestWater is suitable for everyone from home users to professionals.

Do you know how to test water? Are you a poolshop? chemist? a gardening centre? Produce testing rules for your region, post them online for your customers and even offer them a free download of TestWater, so they can do your tests at home.


All users can build up to 50 rules or download free rules.
Pool Technicians, Pool Shops, Chemists, Water Specialists can create rules for sharing or selling.
Rules can be locked or editable depending on the creator's choice.


TestWater is .NET based and provides one click installation, automatic updates and works online or offline.
It calculates the Langelier Saturation Index using complex mathematical analysis rather than league tables to improve accuracy and displays the results visually.
It will perform Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of information based on rules that apply to selected options.
It has the capability to create, import or export these rules. Licencing controls the ability to modify rules. Rules files are in XML but content is encrypted for security.
Data is saved, shared and stored using XML.

Alpha Release: v1.0.0 2/1/2012

  • Cannot Save Test Results
  • No rules import\export
  • No complete test rules available yet
  • Help website and website links not yet available

Release Candidate: v1.50.0 23/1/2012

  • Sample Rules included
  • run tests and generate reports
  • calculate langelier saturation index
  • create/edit up to 20 rules
  • customise test reports

First Full Release: v1.80.0 6/3/2013

  • New Installer and deployment page
  • Upgraded to latest .Net FrameWork 4
  • Now supports Windows 8

Database Release: v1.90.0 2/12/2013

  • Testing Database
  • Improved default rules

Database Release: v1.92.0 3/12/2013

  • Upgraded Database and integration
  • Updated default settings feature
  • All users can edit 50 rules
  • Improved default rules
  • Enhanced resizable rules editor

Production Release: v2.0.0 15/5/2014

  • Upgraded Database
  • Automatic Rule Downloader
  • New Email and User Details screens
  • Improved rules


TestWater User Guide



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