Why do I write FREE software?

My software is usually the result of resolving a business or personal need. In trying to find a solution, or the lack of finding a solution, I endeavor to create the simplest and most direct solution possible. Using these applications as a aide to learning new software languages and ensuring that I don't need to redesign my applications, I usually build in the required flexibility including features I don't need to make this application useful to others. I usually test my applications on friends, family or colleagues as well as in multiple environments before release.

Admittedly releases may be haphazard as I am not a commercial business but I do this as a way to share many of the tools and utilities I have built with others who may be trying to solve the same challenges.

If you have any questions about any of my applications please contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

Do I send marketing emails to members?


Traditionally I have kept my site advertisement free apart from promotion of related sites. 

I do not send 3rd party promotional emails, regular newsletters, advertisements or promotions to members. Messages sent to members would go to their inbox on this site and a copy will only be sent to your email if this is enabled in your settings. Members can change these settings.

Communications are only sent in relation to purchases or support issues raised.

You can get the latest updates on my software from Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Members will always be notified of any change to this policy.

Where can I ask a Question?

If you have a question regarding my site, software or services or general enquiries see the Contact Me page for more information.

If you have an issue or suggestion regarding a product login as a Member and see the Support section.

You can also follow me or contact me on Linked In, Facebook or Twitter.