Search databases quickly and rapidly using this Microsoft Access based search utility and desktop manager. Connect to systems such MYOB or Connectwise to search data. Import spreadsheets to make data rapidly available and searchable for multiple users.

Lookup 8 (Windows XP/Vista/7)

  MICROSOFT Access Database Browser

Lookup is a powerful search client for Microsoft Access databases.

Lookup is a simple yet powerful client for searching Microsoft Access databases. Lookup includes links to the most commonly used windows tools and allows you to add 10 of your most commonly used programs as well. These programs can be sorted by you and will link to the function keys across the top of your keyboard (F1-F12) as shortcuts. Our database even comes with the Australian postcode database included.

The key to Lookup is it's simplicity. The simple, intuitive interface is designed to put the things you need where you can find them the fastest, and the less menus and buttons the easier it is to learn and use. Behind this simple interface however are a large number of features that work to make it easier for you from automatically loading the right database when you open the program, to automatically sizing the grid so that your data is displayed clearly. Even our database includes Australian postcodes.

"Lookup is an incredibly powerful search tool for MS Access databases that offers unparalleled speed and unmatched flexibility in building complex search queries for finding the necessary information in literally no time." - http://3d2f.com

How fast is it?

During testing I was averaging 3000 results per second with a maximum of almost 16000.

Where did it come from?

Originally developed in 1998 for Office 97, Lookup is ideal for small-medium businesses for product or customer searches. It was developed for The Pool Clinic (www.poolclinic.com.au) and the Lookup Suite runs daily on 6-9 clients simultaneously for product and customer information.

The Pool Clinic perform all testing on my product.

Lookup 8 Demonstration Video


What's better about Lookup 8?

Lookup 8 is the result of looking at how people used Lookup and doing the things it does best even better. It looks simpler, like I have taken all the features away, but peek under the covers by right clicking or accessing a menu and you will discover how Lookup has grown up to be more efficient than ever before.

Lookup 8 is a major rewrite of the entire program and has taken about 9 months to complete development and testing.

This upgrade is a step towards more flexible, powerful, upgradeable Lookup and was designed to focus the application on what it does best - querying access databases - and removing the bugs and improving the usability of the program. Code has been tweaked right throughout the application to enhance performance and improve upgradeability. Even more SQL functionality for power users. I have also implemented some common components across my range to ensure better more modular coding and I have simplified licencing.

When was it released?

February 2010

First Build: 6/2/10 (Production Release)

So what's different?

  • Better SQL search capabilities

  • Compatibility with newer access databases *.accdb (2007/2010)

  • Faster, simpler, more powerful and more flexible search criteria for simple searching

  • Improved saved searches and last 10 searches functionality

  • New design, no analog clock or opening hours, more search results

  • More configuration on grid colors and performance options.

  • Improved ability to add files or programs to the program list and automatically open them in the default program type in windows

  • Updated menus and Access options

  • Better configuration file, easier for administrators to modify, better management for performance and application development. Plenty of new options. Remembers window location and size.

  • A new style help file.

  • A new installer which manages upgrades without affecting your settings.

Lookup Search in SQL Mode

Lookup Access Object Viewer

Lookup Program Preferences

Lookup Settings Preferences

Lookup Auto Load Preferences

Version 8 brings a streamlined look to the search bar with more power in less space for entering search queries. The Query Box will reappear to give more room for complicated queries when using the new SQL MODE which allows you to enter partial SQL strings into the search browser to undertake more complex searches. I have increased the range of settings, added a number of built in SQL functions, incorporated a much larger range of search operators, changed the settings file formats and locations, updated the Access platform for newer databases, introduced grid paging, updated the Excel export and introduced the Access Object Viewer, and there is even more...

  • Search Access Tables & Queries fast (shows number of results and time taken)

  • Uses minimal network bandwidth.

  • Flexible search functionality including a filter to narrow down the results of a large search.

  • Concise menu system with less menus and more features.

  • digital clock with date, time, day of week and monthly calendar.

  • Search logging for analysis or system monitoring (includes results and time taken).

  • Auto fit grid spacing will resize the grid to fit your data making it easy to view all fields and saves resizing columns.

  • Auto-load function will launch common database automatically for day-to-day use.

  • Adjustable grid font size and colors

  • Customisable program menu makes it easy to create shortcuts to your other commonly used applications.

  • Export results to Excel to generate reports.

  • Automatic Last 10 Searches menu enables you to re-load a previous search, much like an undo or back function.

  • Command line switches for network or system administrators to restrict access to certain features.

  • Stores history of last 3 opened files.

  • Web Check for Updates for all Lookup applications

  • Dragging and dropping a database on the grid will open a database.

  • Windows 'Open with..' interaction for access databases (simply choose the lookup.exe file)

  • SQL Mode allowing partial sql strings (from WHERE... e.g. [Postcode] like '2*') for complex queries. Search controls act as a query builder in SQL Mode and the SQL Functions menu provides a range of common T-SQL functions for power users.

  • Results count and search time in titlebar for performance monitoring. Advanced logging for detailed performance analysis generated in CSV for Excel.

  • Saved Searches menu for saving favourite searches from multiple databases and retrieving them easily. Up to 20 saved searches of up to 300 characters (for long sql strings for searches including multiple parameters or filters) can be saved.

  • Powerful Value box allows pull down retrieval of values, manual value entry or partial entry which will automatically scroll the pull down list to appropriate values which can be disabled for performance gain. The maximum number of values to list can also now be controlled for performance.

  • Clear button to reset multiple filter searches to primary search (not shown)

  • Debug feature to view raw search SQL and copy to clipboard

  • New Operator menu with more search criteria options

  • Table/Query selector based on options

  • Multi User feature allowing individual users of the same computer (e.g. home computer or terminal server) to have different user settings. Some new command line functions and a Multi User command line feature enable security restrictions to be placed on users.

  • Read only data file option to ignore changes.

  • Integrated Microsoft Help.

  • Compatibility with newer access databases *.accdb (2007/2010)

  • Configuration of grid colors and performance options.

  • Grid paging option with configurable page sizes.

  • New Office Tools menu allows easy integration with Microsoft Access

  • The Object Viewer allows you to launch Access forms and reports.

  • Compact your Access database from Lookup to improve performance.

For any Access databases just set the database options to shared (under Tools>Security in Access) and multiple users can search simultaneously.

Lookup is very flexible in it's design, capabilities and use and the following illustrations demonstrate how the Lookup database can be connected to multiple sources and how Lookup can be configured in multiple ways for a small business network.

Lookup Database DesignLookup Network Design

Click for full image to open in a new window

Lookup comes with an Access database. Importing data into this database enables you to search Items and Customers through Lookup without users needing to access multiple applications. This gives staff fast database searching on a large number of machines simultaneously without slowing down the network, as too many Access users can do with a large data file. Multiple windows of Lookup can be open simultaneously on each users machine for different databases or tables.

Each version of Lookup is built to suit changes recommended by clients or staff.
Modifications can be made to suit your requirements including customisation.



Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
Microsoft Office (Access/Excel) 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010



Lookup includes a sample Access 2003 Database.
These plugin databases are pre-configured to provide integration with 3rd party data sources and include configuration instructions.

The MYOB plugin database allows you to connect MYOB AccountRight Premier to Lookup using ODBC. This starter database provides the ability to search for cards, products and invoices, with additional data tables for experienced Access users to customise this further to suit your business.
It does not include sensitive payroll and personnel information.

27/8/10 Lookup-MYOB.zip [872Kb]
Requires MYOB www.myob.com.au



LookupSetup.exe [3.23Mb] 7/2/10 V8.0.120
For Windows XP/Vista/7
Requires Microsoft Access 2000/XP/2003/2007/2010

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