• Print Queue Manager
  • Stalker
  • Time Is Money
  • TestWater
  • MonitorThis


Welcome to my software collection.

Everything here is free to keep, use or try, it's only for premium business features that I ask you buy.

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  • Print Queue Manager

    Turn any computer into a print server and manager.
    Reduce paper use by managing print jobs.

  • Water Testing

    TestWater accurately uses the Langelier scale to determine waterbalance. In addition test rules allowed pool professionals to customise recommendations, reports and analysis to suit specific requirements for their customers.

  • Lookup

    Search databases quickly and rapidly using this Microsoft Access based search utility and desktop manager. Connect to systems such MYOB or Connectwise to search data. Import spreadsheets to make data rapidly available and searchable for multiple users.

  • MediaCentre

    This is a very small player that uses Windows Media Player (WMP). Designed to be fast and efficient even on the slowest computer. Loads in seconds. This is simple, fast and featured.

  • Stalker Monitoring

    Stalker Monitoring applications are clever, small utilities designed for System Administrators, Software Vendors or Developers to monitor applications and services in near real time. For enterprise level monitoring see MonitorThis.

  • Time Is Money

    An easy to use and flexible time billing application for turning your time into money.
    Great for a small service business and mobile workers providing time capture, value calculation, timed interval billing and service fees. Allows on the spot payment using Paypal.

  • TimeTracker

    Timesheet recording software for any business. Track your time throughout the week and export your time entries to Excel for your completing your timesheet or generating invoices.

  • MonitorThis

    Enterprise System Monitoring service for Saas, Paas, system administrators and service providers.

  • Alerts

    Alerts is a broadcast messaging application which can be run from any web server with no installation. This small clickonce application allows any business to create user accounts for their clients and broadcast status messages. This makes it ideal for service providers, managed services providers and software as a service providers so they can communicate real time events to their customers.

  • Launch Me

    Designed for USB keys this little program will setup everything you need to make an autorun menu to help give your presentation more impact. Rename the application, customise the look of buttons, add as many items as you need. Launch webpages, open folders, view files, print files and run scripts or batch files. The ultimate road warrior presentation accessory.

  • ShortCutz

    Designed to keep your desktop free of clutter. Shortcutz is the ultimate shortcut manager. Drag and drop and rearrange your shortcuts without running out of desktop space. Make your own mini menu of favourite applications or use it to collate a selection of documents for a project.

  • Network Utilities

    Network utilities for monitoring, reporting, testing and diagnosis of networks and web services.

  • System Utilities

    System utilities for monitoring, reporting, testing and diagnosis of Windows machines.

  • Scripts and Code

    Useful VB Scripts and Code Samples