TimeTracker (Windows)

TimeTracker is a FREE time tracking application allows you to quickly and easily track your activities throughout the week and generate a report of your time entries. These entries can be used to create invoices or submit your work timesheet.


TimeTracker was based on TimeIsMoney, my time billing application, but has been reconfigured specifically for recording and generating timesheets.

TimeTracker allows you to record time entries categorised by job and with additional comments. To speed up data entry while you work jobs can be created from the main window as you work and job and comment information can be changed at any time while the clock is ticking. Data is only saved when you press the stop button.

All configuration information is stored on your machine to ensure security and sovereignty of your information. Advanced edit features throughout the program allow you to edit every setting and detail.

Timesheets are generated in CSV format, which can be opened in Excel, and can be exported for this week, last week or all time. The format of exported timesheets has been specifically tailored for easy filtering and sorting in Excel.


* Simple timeclock style interface for easy visibility.
* Jobs can be preconfigured or added on the fly and can be used to categorise time entries.
* Additional comments can be added to any time entry
* Ability to select a job on the fly or change it at any time during tracking
* Entirely user configurable
* Log file capture of time entry at the time the clock is stopped.
* Large clear interface designed and tested on a touchscreen. Great for tablets.
* Online update check at start of application.
* Designed for online or offline user
* Review captured log information for each transaction.
* Time Entries can be exported to CSV/Excel for analysis.
* Configuration and Log files can be manually edited.

This program is freeware.


TimeTracker is installed online and automatically checks for updates at startup ensuring you always have access to the latest features. Your settings are retained when the application updates. TimeTracker uses the Microsoft.Net 4 Framework and Windows Installer 4.5. If required these will be downloaded and installed when you setup the application.

V1.0.0.10 - New TimeTracker



Time Recording Application
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New .Net 4 ClickOnce Installation
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User Guide

TimeTracker User Guide