Print Terminator (Windows)

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It is not uncommon that printer problems can require System Administrators to manually clear jammed jobs from print queues.

Print Terminator makes this easy by allowing you to select any printers on a system and in one click terminate all print jobs. You can also specify an aged time to only terminate jobs that are older than a specified number of minutes ensuring new print jobs are not affected.

Print Terminator can be scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler and can send an email notification when jobs are purged from any printer.


PrintTerminator has no installation and works on Windows XP,2003,Vista,7,8 and 2008 but requires the .Net Framework 3.5 to be installed.


  • No printer selected
  • Print Job Terminations



Print Terminator User Guide



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Print Terminator is superseded by Print Stalker which includes all of these great features and many more. Users who have purchased Print Terminator can upgrade to Print Stalker at any time at no extra cost. Simply use the update button in Print Terminator to check for updates and download the latest version of Print Stalker.



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Version History

v1.0 (3/5/13) - Demonstration Application with aged print job release.

v1.1 (5/5/13) - Release Version with AutoStart, AutoStop, Start Minimized and Email Sending.

v1.2 (9/5/13) - Updated email notifications, AutoStop improvements


Download this file (PrintTerminator.exe)PrintTerminator.exe90 kB2016-07-20