Process Stalker (Windows)

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Process Stalker makes custom process monitoring easy by allowing you to select any running processes on a system, mark them and check regularly that they are running. You can truncate the length of process command lines to identify unique processes that you want to confirm are running when required.

Process Stalker can be scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler and can send an email notification when processes are not running. This is a very simple but very powerful monitoring tool

In the FREE edition checks can only be run manually. All features are available in the FULL version.

Process Stalker has no installation and works on Windows XP,2003,Vista,7,8 and 2008 but requires the .Net Framework 3.5 to be installed.


  • No processes selected
  • Processes not running
  • Processes with change command line parameters
  • Processes containing specified parsing string



Process Stalker User Guide



Get it from CNET!



Licences are valid for use on an unlimited number of machines operated by the license holder.


Version History

v1.0 (8/5/13) - Release version with all features.Free version has limited features.
v1.1 (9/5/13) - Updated email notifications and improved AutoStop.
v1.2 (26/5/13) - Custom email subject. Website Link.
v1.3 (29/7/13) - CSV Log File. Local machine popup alerts.
v1.3.3 (24/11/13) - Integration AlertToFile. Email Subject <computer> variable.
v.1.3.4 (7/3/14) - TargetMachine variable for remote machine monitoring.
v1.3.5 (9/3/14) - Execute variable to start application on alert and command line parameters.
v1.4.0 (16/03/14) - Improved Performance. Updated command line parameters. New parsing feature.
v1.4.1 (11/05/2014) - AlertIfRunning command line parameter to allow monitoring for running processes.



Download this file (ProcessStalkerFREE.exe)ProcessStalkerFREE.exe109 kB2014-05-11