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Stalker Go (Windows)

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Stalker Go is a program launcher designed to provide easy one click launching of monitoring scripts and applications. It can be used to easily launch a collection of Stalker monitoring applications, scripts and commands in one go. This can be run manually to confirm applications start correctly or scheduled using windows task scheduler to launch a selection of applications at the required time(s).

Stalker Go doesn't just work with Stalker monitoring applications but can be used for a wide range of functions such as starting a selection of programs when logging onto your computer.

Stalker Go can import and export batch files and is designed to complement all related Stalker applications by providing specific configuration parameters with easy selection and editing and even a configuration option to allow you to configure Stalker programs without needing to change configuration file settings.

Stalker Go assists in ensuring that command line parameters are correct by validating and handling these exactly like windows.

Stalker Go is absolutely 100% FREE.


Stalker Go is easy to use with all features displayed in one interface with a simple right click menu for additional options.

Supported Go Applications

  • Applications (*.com, *.exe)
  • Shortcuts (*.lnk)
  • Command/Batch files (*.cmd, *.bat)
  • Install files (*.msi)
  • VBScript (*.vb, *.vbs)
  • Any windows command



Stalker Go User Guide



Get it from CNET Download.com!

No installation is required.

Put all of your Stalker applications in one folder for easy configuration and setup.


Version History

v1.0 (28/5/13) - New Release
v2.0 (1/2/15) - Batch Import/Export, Parameter Validation and custom Stalker Configuration
v2.0.0.3 (3/2/15) -
 Stalker Configuration Minimised option and Configuration feature updates

Download this file (StalkerGo.exe)StalkerGo.exe175 kB2015-02-03