Packet for Windows released!

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Packet, a JSON web packet sending tool perfect for System Administrators, Web developers, system integrators and IOT afficianados has now been released.

Packet and IFTTT allows you to automate nearly anything including skype conversations, posting to twitter, linked in or facebook or turning on my lights.

Packet provides the flexibility to send JSON packets to any WEB API including Yo and the IFTTT Maker service. The application can be run silently from the command line or as an interactive application and requires no installation on any machine with .Net 3.5 installed.

I am a big user of IFTTT (if this then that) as an online API that allows me to automate the interaction of many services. While testing the new Maker functionality I identified that I had a program built for a different purpose that would be the simplest way to test and use this service in Windows. I also realised how many APIs these days are based on REST functionality and use JSON packets to transmit data. 

So now that I have built it I am giving it away. If you have a little bit of experience with JSON (or can follow the documentation on your preferred REST API) and love to tinker then this is a great little testing or automation tool for windows.

You can get Packet here.

How Packet Works

Packet allows you to send a JSON packet to any web API by specifying a URL and also the JSON content. You can do this from the command line or interactively.

The user interface is self explanatory with fields for the URL and JSON.

You will receive a confirmation of successful requests and your data is saved in the application to speed up data entry when you next open it.

That's it!

You can get Packet here.

So now the only question is what to automate? I think setting the WeMo CoffeeMaker to make me another coffee every 50 emails is probably a good start....

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