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Print Terminator User Guide

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Print Terminator allows you to automatically remove old print jobs from your print queue. The application can be scheduled using the Windows Task Scheduler to run even if you are not logged onto the computer/server and can send an email notification to advise when jobs are terminated.

Print Terminator is easy to use with all features displayed in one interface.

Getting Started

  1. Click Get Printers to find all printers on the local machine.
  2. Select the printers you wish to purge from the Printer list.
  3. Specify any options.
  4. Click Terminate Jobs to run a purge.


  • No printer selected
  • Print Job Terminations


  • AutoStart will automatically list printers and then terminate any jobs as soon as the program starts. This is ideal for automatic scheduling.
  • AutoStop will close the program 30 seconds after a purge is complete. This is ideal for automatic scheduling.
  • Start Minimized will run the program minimized in the taskbar.
  • Older than X minutes allows you to specify an age for print jobs. Only print jobs older than the specified time frame will be purged if this option is enabled.
  • Send Emailwill send an email to the specified email address whenever jobs are purged or no printers are found.
    • Use SSL specified secure email transmission.
    • Email Server specifies the server used to send email.
    • Username and Password are optional and can be used if your email server requires authentication.
    • From Address is the address email will come from.
    • To Address is the address email will be sent to.
  • Settings are saved in an ini file that is automatically created in the same folder as the executable.


Print Terminator has been tested on Windows XP,2003,Vista,7,8 and 2008 and requires the .Net Framework 3.5 to be installed.
You can download the .NET Framework from here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-au/download/details.aspx?id=21

Print Terminator does not require installation. The executable can be located anywhere on your computer and settings file is automatically created in the same location when the program is run.

The configuration file is specific to the name of the executable. If you would like to run multiple instances of this application in the same location to monitor different criteria you can create a copy of the exe file and rename it and a new configuration file will be created to match the new name.


Print Terminator does not include scheduling capabilities but can be easily scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler. This is designed so that the program can run even if you are not logged on to the server/computer. Simply create a new scheduled task in windows and specify the option to 'run whether user is logged on or not' and remember to select AutoStart and AutoStop. The program will now run on the schedule you define.

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